IMAP provides GIS mapping, website, and multimedia solutions for business and recreation entities. This site is currently under construction and will be updated as soon as the ever so precious TIME is available. Until then take a look at some of our photographs and videos.
Our home base is Laramie Wyoming, in order to familiarize you with the area, this local visual content is provided. It is slightly biased but hey, snow is what makes us tick.

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Friends Hut Cinco De Mayo

Lake Agnes


Alta Backcountry, Utah Stough Creek Basin, Wind River Mtns
Schoolhouse, Couloir, Medicine Bow Peak Libby Creek, Snowy Range Mtns.
Stough Creek Basin, Wind River Range Stough Creek Basin, Wind River Range
1500 ft of vertical just 100 yards away! Snowy Range Mtns.,
Centennial Ridge and the Snowlkswagon Medicine Bow Peak, Snow Range Mtns, Wyoming
Stough Creek Basin, Wyoming November 11th 2002 Medicine Bow Peak, Wyoming
Stough Creek Basin, Wind River Mtns. Centennial Ridge, Wyoming
Wind River Range, Wyoming November 11th 2002 Medicine Bow Peak, Wyoming
Brown's Peak,Southeastern Wyoming Rabbit Ears Pass, Northern Colorado
Getting ready for a day of Exploring with the IMAP sled Inside the IMAP Bus
IMAP Bus and Snowlkswagon IMAP Bus, Teton Range
Bus, Sheep Mounain in the Background, Wyoming



Alaska 2005

Wyoming Digital Cities Prototype
Digital Laramie

Meyer bags a Buck Deer

Is that snow in your eyes
or are you just happy to see me?

Steep Skiing- Medicine Bow Peak

October Boredom

Squirting on the Poudre

Lake Marie April 2004

Centennial Ridge December 03'

November 9th 2003
Earlybird gets the worm

The Chattooga River

Adventure Bus For Sale

Ryan Hart Hayes
Farewell to the North Cascades (For Now)




New wave nude skiing

Climbing Laramie area

The Snolkswagon

Mt. Mahler

North Side of Medicine Bow Peak,
The Chicken Scratch

- - - - for Brains


Teton Village Tram


Cross Country Connection

Condominium Rental in Teton Village

Wyoming Department of Cultureal Resources Digital Collections

The Emigrant Trails Throughout Wyoming

The Bridger Trail in Wyoming

Wyoming Emigrant Trails- Interactive Map Application

Wyoming State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO)

Wyoming Heritage Project

Proform Ergonomics

Stormstalker Industries














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